Borneo Chic: High-end Crafts from Kalimantan


BORNEO CHIC: Our heritage, your lifestyle

“Great! I never imagined the rattan baskets from our small village to become such fashionable bags!” That was the reaction of Ibu Ani upon seeing her traditional Anjat bag transformed into a modern handbag with leather accents and buckle hinges. This is just one of the many indigenous items inspired by heritage and cultural traditions  which are sold under the brand Borneo Chic in different outlet stores and galleries throughout Indonesia and Japan. 

Borneo Chic is the separate business unit of Crafts Kalimantan, a network of weavers like Ibu Ani, from indigenous Dayak communities in East Kalimantan. Borneo Chic links the local artisanship to renowned fashion designers, which results in products with a unique modern design.  It merchandises modern versions of traditional products like bags, baskets and phone-cases. But there is more to it. Local communities receive  support to protect and to enrich their forests, so that continuous supply of materials is secured. Rich forests are what the artisans need for their rich  production. 

A Chic Business, not just souvenirs

The figures are clear: Borneo Chic appeals both to  fashion conscious customers and the Dayak producers.  Since its inception in 2011 the demand and sales have been on the rise and more and more organizations and communities want to join the business venture. Between 2009 and 2012 the total number of craft workers  increased  from 97 to 406 people, who saw their income rise  from 7% up to 149%. 

Profitability is visible in the outlet stores too. As a result of more efficient production processes, better product pricing and stricter monitoring of expenses, total income has increased. . In 2013 a break even point was reached already in the first semester. Borneo Chic has  paved the way to be a profitable business.

Join the Business!

We recognize a great potential for Borneo Chic to penetrate new markets, to increase production and raise profitability. There is an increasing demand for high end forest products  in  Japan and Bali.Reliable local producers are eager to step in  in order to scale-up production and to meet this demand.

But… fulfilling this potential requires capital injections that will allow weavers to possess over the necessary production capacity: equipment, skills, enriched natural resources etc. That is where we need your support / involvement.

Your involvement in Borneo Chic means supporting a distinguished social business that combines high quality, unique craftsmanship, fashion and respect for people and nature.