Enterprise and advocacy support

In the Philippines we work with the network of 11 NTFP organisations, supporting their NTFP product development and marketing.

Unfortunately the Philippines were hit November 8 by super typhoon Haiyan devastating Tacloban City and many other provinces killing more than 6000 people and unjuring around 30.000 people. This happened a month after a serious earhquake killed 800 people in the provinces of Bohol ad Cebu. Of course all of this affected the implementation of the programmes.

We have supported the network with emergency aid and food for the affected communities in the working area of the NTFP network. They are rebuilding their lifelihoods slowly but surely.

In the last years many local enterprises of indigenous communities have been supported. Like the placemat making business of the people in Negros. Women collect grasses and bind and design this into sustainable and beautifull placemats. They have been sold in America!